Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bother you?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Doing MTV's Job

since The ASS (Antagonistic Sadistic Shit) is torturing me with crappy music tonight, i'd thought i'd post my song for you EMO! the bad part is you know you are over there singing along with it!

Guess who is older?!?

old OH yeah OCD turns 32 today!!!!! Last year we went over and hung out but since I am on a diet and can't have fun this year this post will have to do. Also I am being nice and not calling her right now since OCD  never gets up before noon! Everyone be sure to remind her of all the wonderful things she has to look forward in her new found age:)

Where's Mah Cake, Bitch!?

that's right, it's my BIRTHDAY! on this day i get the title of "Queen of the Universe" and Queen definitely trumps Overlord :) i may be older than her, but i'm also more awesome and i'll just have to remember that while i try to embrace a few more gray hairs. fabulous, sparkly shoes help tremendously :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It is me is it you?

Yes it is me , The E.M.O., the one you have all been waiting for! The younger more awesome sister of this incredible insane duo! I would say buckle up but we cut those out a long time ago, so you might just want to try to find the nearest drink to hold on to! No we are not alcoholics... mmm alcohol... I mean. I am pretty sure you will never find two people more different somehow so damn similar anywhere else! I have 3 kids, no pets, love snow and um could careless about fashion or any of that scary stuff. The O.C.D. over there has nooo kids and is just happy that way (well minus the one stepdaughter she has but she lives far away so...), 2 doggies that really are like kids anyways so haha, refuses o go any where the temperature could even reach freezing, and the freak owns 32 (at last count) pairs of shoes!!!! Plus an obscene amount of clothing! Yet some how we bought the same jacket, continuously wear the same shirt to functions, bought the same camera case, and countless other oddities! Now I have to go see why it has taken one child to write 6 sentences! Oh but on that note somehow The O.C.D. managed to stick her child in my womb!!! Seriously my oldest is juuuusssst like her so scary! Ok really bye... have fun!

On the Crazy Train.....Again

I've been wrangled into this because apparently everyone's having too much fun with what we do on Facebook. we like to abuse each other (and most of those around us).  i think that the diabolical EMO only came up with this idea to torture me more as a matter of fact. so welcome to our little slice of hell and grab a cold drink (preferably alcoholic) while you watch the fun begin (or better yet join in in the comments! seriously get your snark going and fire away! at her, always at her). i'm sure it won't take long for her to say something that makes me want to stab her with a spork :)